About us

About us

"P&P" PÉKÁRU Ltd. was founded in 1990. Initially, only a fresh bakery manufacturing and distribution company started to produce frozen bakery products in 1996. Our sales now exceed EUR 26 million, with more than 400 employees, not only in Hungary but also in many other countries. In addition to manufacturing, we pay special attention to training, which is carried out every year for about 100 students in a practical workshop.

Our FRANCHISE network is present in a number of European countries beyond Slovakia, including Romania and Romania.

In Hungary, it has a national logistics coverage and a full-scale bakery network! At over 1,000 locations, they bake their products with satisfaction, which is clearly evident in the company's ongoing market expansion.

Our sales revenue has been steadily increasing steadily over the past years, now exceeding EUR 26 million, accompanied by significant investments. Today P&P Pékáru Kft. Is one of the largest companies with this profile. It is one of the best in both technology and technology and quality and service, recognized by all Hungarian multinational commercial networks!

The extremely wide range of products, business-specific technical equipment, flexible trading and service backgrounds bring the contracting partners to a competitive position. In addition, the constant product development and growing marketing and products with really high enjoyment value ensure the expansion of the customer circle and the successful growth of bakery sales in the short term!

With hundreds of types of frozen products, everyone can find the right choice for the otherwise standard range! Pre-cooked, yeast-free, ready-to-cook, ready-to-cook, or even traditional, but much better quality pre-cooked products. For larger stores, our MAXI program has existed for several years, where pastries and white goods (croissants, buns) can be baked with smaller-weight breads.

Our company has its own logistics and service network, where both drivers and regional representatives help the partners with the most humane sales!

Our company also has the highest hygiene and quality assurance systems! (HACCP, ISO 22000, IFS)


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